Apparatus for fastening a blow pin of a hollow-article blow-moulding machine

Vorrichtung zur Befestigung eines Blasdornes einer Hohlkörperblasmaschine


The invention relates to an apparatus for fastening a blow pin 5 of a hollow-article blow-moulding machine. The blow-pin holder 14 receiving the blow pin 5 is connected to a housing insert 20, which is held in a housing 22 such that it is movable on all sides to a limited extent in an adjusting plane E, and can be fixed by means of a clamping device, which is represented by a clamping fork 26 and can be acted upon by a clamping actuation. The supporting of the housing insert 20 with respect to the platen 8 and with respect to the housing 22 is performed by interposing low-friction bearings, sliding plates 30, 30a being arranged in a floating manner with respect to the platen 8, while supporting with respect to the bottom of the housing 22 is performed by means of a low-friction ball bearing. By means of the clamping actuation 28, which acts on the clamping fork 26, the latter braces the housing insert and consequently the blow pin 5 with respect to the platen 8. By means of the provided separate and smooth adjustment of the blow pin 5, simplified and accurate alignment of the same is possible with respect to a mould into which the blow pin 5 is entered. <IMAGE>




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