Tragbare Prüfvorrichtung für Kraftfahrzeugbremsen

Portable test device for motor vehicle brakes


The object of the invention is the provision of a portable test device for motor vehicle brakes, which consists of a braking plate, which can be displaced in the driving direction of the motor vehicle, having an associated hydraulic unit which can be operated independently of the mains, and is particularly suitable for conditions of use in which the application of known roller or plate brake test stands is not possible. The object is achieved in that there is arranged in the pressure cylinder (4) a second pressure piston (6) which is located opposite the pressure piston (5) loadable by the brake plate (1) and which is supported by its end face which is opposite the pressure space (7) on the carrier construction (3). Motor vehicle technology, in particular for monitoring motor vehicles and carrying out technical principal investigations (TÜV) of vehicles in workshops, for testing the vehicle brakes in workshops and for use for monitoring by the police in service outdoors. <IMAGE>




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