Floor or ground covering element for outdoor use - has V=shaped notches in outer contour, and in upper surface


The element is shaped as a slab. The outer contour line (6) of a slab (2) has notches, which are mainly V-shaped, and are rounded where they merge into a neighbouring contour section. The top surface (8) of the slab has long notches (10), which extend for a certain distance from a notch (4) in the outer contour. The depth of each groove decreases gradually towards the end. The long notches extend at right angles from the outer contour. There may be additional similar notches (14) in the centre of the slab, parallel to the outer contour and the long notches. The top surface of the slab slopes rounded towards the outer contour and/or some of the notches. USE/ADVANTAGE - Floor or ground covering element for outdoor use gives optical division of visible surface, gives more grip when walking or driving over, formation of large puddles is prevented.




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