Method and apparatus for cleaning soil layers


The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for cleaning soil layers containing harmful substances. A cylindrical or polygonal chamber wall (2) open at its underside is driven into the soil layer (3) containing harmful substances. So that harmful substances and cleaning media used for the method are prevented from escaping in an uncontrolled manner from the chamber (1) formed by the chamber wall (2), the chamber (1) is closed off towards the bottom by an impermeable layer (5) during the cleaning operation. Furthermore, it is proposed to form the impermeable layer (5) by injecting a medium, forming a sealing plug, into the bottom part of the chamber (1). The chamber (1) thereby forms a reaction space closed off from the adjacent soil layers, as a result of which in particular a discharge and diffusion of cleaning medium laden with harmful substances into the groundwater is prevented. Furthermore, it is proposed, after completion of the respective cleaning operation, to remove at least parts of the chamber wall (2) used for this from the soil layer (3) again and to shift them into an area of the soil layer (3) not yet cleaned, so that a cleaning process advancing in the horizontal direction results. <IMAGE>




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