Taper-disc gear


What is specified is a taper-disc gear of continuously adjustable step-up, having a fully hydraulic generation of the pressure forces, in which the load-dependent setting of the pressure-force level takes place via a torque sensor which is seated on one of the gear shafts and via which the power to be transmitted by the gear is introduced into the gear and which forms for the pressure medium a throttle adjustable in a torque-dependent manner. At the same time, the torque sensor is designed so that, when torque surges occur, it can briefly introduce into the circuit a predetermined volume of pressure medium. The torque sensor is followed in the hydraulic circuit by a pressurising valve for the additional throttling of the pressure-medium flow in dependence on the step-up setting of the gear, in such a way that, altogether, a setting component dependent on torque and a setting component dependent on the step-up are added to the pressure level to be set for generating the pressure force.




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